Payday Loan Questions

You can apply online or instore at one of our partner locations. Please refer to the “How It Works” page for qualifications and necessary documents.

Apart from self-employment, we can loan on most types of income including Employment, CPP/OAS, Pension, Disability, Child Tax etc.

Once you meet the requirements, You can apply online or at one of our Partner locations and we will transfer funds via etransfer or direct deposit to your account as soon as you are approved. Check the Requirements on the How it Works page and check if we have a partner location close to you by visiting our Location page.

You can apply Online or Instore. For Online loans all information is collected online, including banking information, which can be securely submitted using the Inverite app. Or you can visit any of our partner location. Check if there is a location near you by visiting “Location” page.

You are eligible for a reloan as soon as the payment from your first loan clears. Simply click reloan and submit the necessary information. 

Generally, funds via etransfer arriveon the same day within 30 minutes once your loan application is approved. 

We charge 17% of the principle borrowed.

Yes. You can cancel a loan by simply paying back the principal without any fees by end of next day. In case we are closed, you have an extra day to cancel the loan.

 Please wait 60 days from your last application date to reapply.

No. Unfortunately, if you didn’t finish your application, you’ll need to resubmit. But once your information is on file, you’ll be able to apply via our short reloan process.

Stuff happens. We understand. If you know you can’t make your payment on time, please let us know in advance. This will prevent an unnecessary NSF charge to your account. Contact us as soon as possible and we’ll work out a solution.


British Columbia: License 64377

Maximum charges permitted in British Columbia

for a payday loan: 15% of the principal. We charge: 15% of the principal.

For a $300 loan for 14 days: 

Total cost of borrowing = $45

Annual Percentage Rate = 391.07%

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