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Cheque Cashing

Cheque Cashing that Caters to You or Your Business!

No hold ups. No hassles. All you need is:



Photo ID

Come in with valid photo ID.


A cheque

Payable to you or your business.


Business registration and SIN

Only required for company cheques!


Bye-Bye Bank Holds

When you need cash fast, waiting on bank holds just isn’t an option. Money Money offers incredibly competitive rates. You can cash almost any kind of cheque for as little as $2. Get more for less at Money Money.

We Can Cash Almost Any Cheque!

check Paycheques

check Government

check Business & Commercial

check Insurance

check Court settlements

Put More Money in Your Pocket

At Money Money, Cheque Cashing Is Easy!



Fast and Friendly Service

Our staff is always ready to answer your questions or help out.


Technically Savvy

Every store has a computer and printer available for your convenience.


Speedy Service

Get what you need so you can get on with your day!


Competitive Rates

Nominal fees mean you get more for less.

* Please note: all cheques over $100 are subject to a fee of $3 in addition to our rates.